Surfers froth

The ocean gives more than just waves



Receptionist, Caves Caravan Park

You can expect to surf with dolphins in Western Australia’s south west.

I’ve seen them many times while in the water at our local beaches around Yallingup and the Margaret River region, but one instance in particular left my mind completely blown.

Like torpedos of energy, I saw them firing towards me, effortlessly. Emerging from nowhere and sailing into close range, my pulse stopped for at least a few beats. The swell was building, rising up towards me, it would inevitably break over the reef that lines the shore. I was in the right spot to catch this wave. With my heart in my throat I turned and sunk the tail of my board. Projecting forwards down the face, I was to my feet and riding the wave before the water had even broken. Launching out of the water beside me, a Bottlenose Dolphin (scientifically known as Tursiops) playfully dancing through the unbroken water of the rolling swell. There wasn’t just one, but a whole pod I’m sure. I could see them clearly darting under my board, soaring out in front of me, to my left and to my right. I was hooting out loud to myself and grinning in absolute awe.

I surfed along to the end of the wave and wore that same grin on my noggin for the entire day, perhaps even week.

Michelle heading left at Yallingup, Western Australia

If you’ve ever been crept up on by dolphins in the ocean, then you’d understand that heart-in-the-throat type feeling. Dolphins have a way of making you feel fairly insignificant in the water and are incredibly inquisitive, always leaving you with a happy heart.

It is said that ‘only a surfer knows the feeling,’ but according to an article written by The Inertia, there is science confirming that there’s more to surf stoke than just the excitement of marine life encounters and catching waves.

Launching out of the water beside me, a Bottlenose Dolphin…playfully dancing through the unbroken water of the rolling swell

A release of your ‘happy hormones’ Serotonin and Endorphins are triggered by the changed ions formed from turbulent water, where the pressure of crashing waves breaks apart the water and air molecules. These turbo charged ions actually make you feel good, they also accelerate our bodies ability to better absorb oxygen.

A-huh, I knew there was more to it – than all those obvious reasons (like being around such beautiful scenery) to be frothing out at the beach, and it’s because of exactly that… froth!

Those turbo charged ions kicking in

So do yourself a favour, get to the beach and go get some of those turbo charged ions. Go surfing, take some surf lessons, swim and snorkel inside the lagoon, or simply take a relaxing walk along the sandy shore. Your mental and physical health will thank you for it.

If you’re lucky, you’ll snavel an encounter with the local Yallingup marine mammals as well. And I can guarantee that’ll leave you frothing!

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